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972-810-1372 scam what to do if i gave them medicare info

by Javon Kuhic Published 2 years ago Updated 1 year ago

How can I tell if a Medicare claim is a scam?

Oct 16, 2017 · 972-810-1372. Country: USA. 972 area code: Texas (Carrollton ... Fritz. 16 Oct 2017. Called trying to talk to me about Medicare enrollment. Didn't give a company name. Call type: Telemarketer; Reply! 0. tom_ 17 Oct 2017. Garbled call. Hung up. Called back asking for John Flynn. ... Don't answer these scam calls, we just block them. Caller ...

How do I contact Medicare if my personal information has been compromised?

972 area code: Texas (Carrollton, Dallas, Garland) Read comments below about 9728101372. Report unwanted calls to help identify who is using this phone number.

Who can I give my Medicare number to?

Numbers with this prefix were first introduced in 2011. While 9728101372 was originally issued with the info above, the owner of the phone number (972) 810-1372 may have transferred it through a process called porting.

What should I do if I get a call from Medicare?

(972) 810-1372 is Bandwidth SMSEnabled - Bandwidth CLEC - Sybase365 phone number, owned by DALLAS, TX. Learn what others have to say about 9728101372 or 972-810-1372

What to do if you gave a scammer your Medicare number?

Why would a scammer want my Medicare number?

Does Medicare contact you by phone?

What does "800-633-4227" mean?

You receive an unexpected call from someone claiming to work for Medicare. Actual employees will never call you without being invited to do so — for example, if you left a message at Medicare’s customer service line (800-633-4227). The caller claims you need to pay a fee to get a new or upgraded Medicare card,

Can you share your Social Security number?

Don’t share your Medicare or Social Security number (or other personal information) with anyone who contacts you out of the blue by phone, text or email or shows up unannounced at your door.

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