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just received my medicare card. why does it have my husband

by Robbie McLaughlin Published 1 year ago Updated 1 year ago

What happens to my Medicare card when my spouse dies?

If you are filing for Medicare under your spouse’s work credits, and they are deceased, the letter D will follow your Social Security number. It is very important to note that your Medicare card should be carefully guarded.

What information is on a Medicare card?

The card contains sensitive personal information on it. The information identifies you by name and contains your Social Security number, followed by a letter (s) that delineates what type of coverage you have under the Medicare program. It will also show if you have coverage for Medicare Part A, Medicare Part B,...

Will Medicare call me if I don't share my personal information?

Medicare will never call you uninvited to request personal or private information in order for you to get your new Medicare number and card. If someone asks you for your information, for money, or threatens to cancel your health benefits if you don't share your personal information, hang up and call 1-800-MEDICARE (1-800-633-4227).

How do I know if my Medicare card has been mailed?

If your card has been mailed, you’ll be able to see your new Medicare number or print an official copy of your card. If that doesn’t work, call the Medicare hotline at 800-633-4227. Officials there can tell you whether there might be a problem, such as a wrong mailing address.


Does Medicare Cover husband and wife?

Does Medicare cover people's spouses? Medicare offers federal health insurance coverage for those aged 65 years and over, as well as those with a permanent disability. Medicare does not cover spouses specifically. However, some spouses qualify based on the work record of their spouse or a former spouse.

Can one spouse be on Medicare and the other not?

The answer is no. Medicare is individual insurance, so spouses cannot be on the same Medicare plan together. Now, if your spouse is eligible for Medicare, then he or she can get their own Medicare plan.

Can you stay on Medicare if you get married?

The good news about marriage and Medicare is that your coverage won't change. Neither will your spouse's.

What if someone gets your Medicare number?

Call 1-800-MEDICARE if your Medicare card is lost, or you believe someone else is using your Medicare Number. If it's your Social Security card, visit, or call Social Security at 1-800-772-1213. TTY users can call 1-800-325-0778.

What happens to spouse when on Medicare?

Your spouse can switch to health insurance from his or her employer until reaching Medicare age or beyond. Your spouse can qualify for a special enrollment period to switch to this coverage within 30 days of losing coverage under your plan or can enroll during the company's annual open enrollment period.

Why is my Medicare premium higher than my husbands?

If you file your taxes as “married, filing jointly” and your MAGI is greater than $170,000, you'll pay higher premiums for your Part B and Medicare prescription drug coverage. If you file your taxes using a different status, and your MAGI is greater than $85,000, you'll pay higher premiums.

Is my spouse eligible for Medicare when I turn 65?

Your spouse is eligible for Medicare when he or she turns 65. Your eligibility for Medicare has no impact on the date that your spouse is eligible for Medicare. Continue reading for more answers to your questions about Medicare, individual health insurance, and coverage options for your spouse after you enroll.

How much does Medicare cost for a couple?

Medicare Part B Medicare considers you and your spouse's combined income (if you're married and file your income taxes jointly) when calculating Part B premiums. In most cases, you'll each pay the standard monthly Part B premium, which is $170.10 per month in 2022.

How long do you have to be married to get spouse Social Security?

one yearWhat are the marriage requirements to receive Social Security spouse's benefits? Generally, you must be married for one year before you can get spouse's benefits. However, if you are the parent of your spouse's child, the one-year rule does not apply.

How do I check to see if someone is using my Social Security number for free?

If you believe someone is using your Social Security number to work, get your tax refund, or other abuses involving taxes, contact the IRS online or call 1-800-908-4490. You can order free credit reports annually from the three major credit bureaus (Equifax, Experian and TransUnion).

How can I find out if someone is using my identity?

at 1-877-IDTHEFT (1-877-438-4338) or go to: To order a copy of your Social Security Administration earnings and benefits statement, or to check whether someone has used your Social Security number to get a job or to avoid paying taxes, visit

How can I protect my Medicare card?

You can buy a plastic ID card holder at a stationery store to protect your card. If your Medicare card gets lost or damaged, you can contact the Social Security Administration to replace it by going to the agency's website.

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How old do you have to be to get Medicare?

In a case such as this, you must be at least 62 years old.

How long do you have to work to qualify for Medicare?

In the United States, as soon as you turn 65 you are eligible for Medicare benefits if you are citizen or have been a legal resident for five years or more and have worked for at least 40 quarters (10 years) paying federal taxes.

Can you get Medicare at different ages?

If you and your spouse are different ages, you will likely become eligible at different times. Primary Medicare recipients and their non-insured spouses are entitled to the same benefits under Medicare if both have reached the age of 65.

Do you have to enroll in Medicare Part B or D?

If you wish to sign up for Medicare Part B (Medical Insurance), and/or Part D (prescription drug insurance), you must enroll separately during your initial enrollment period, Open Enrollment or during Special Enrollment Period to avoid paying late enrollment penalties.

How to apply for Medicare card?

Step 1. Begin by going to the Social Security website and apply online by clicking on “Medicare,” located at the top of the page headings (topics to choose from). A new page will appear, and you will then click the “Apply for Medicare Benefits” link. Step 2.

How does Medicare fraud work?

Medicare is issuing new cards to cut down on fraud, but scammers continually devise new tactics to wreak havoc on the lives of the elderly. As a beneficiary, you might be contacted by people over the phone or over the internet posing as government agencies requiring personal information. Some of the more common tactics used include: 1 Requesting that cardholders confirm or verify their Medicare or social security information. Criminals often pretend an error was made. They insist they need the personal information to make the correction and to issue a new card; 2 Convincing Medicare beneficiaries that there is a fee for obtaining a new card and their personal information is required; and 3 Threatening cardholders with a cancellation of health benefits if they do not cooperate by providing the requested information.

How to contact Medicare representative?

This is the number for you to contact a Medicare Health Insurance representative. Call Medicare Health Insurance at (800) Medicare (633-4227). And finally, at the bottom of the card will be a signature line. If all the information on your card is correct, be certain to sign your name on the signature line indicated.

How long does it take to get a replacement Medicare card?

In either application site or location, it will take about 30 days for you to receive your new replacement card by United States mail.

When will Medicare cards be released?

The New Cards. According to the CMS, the government plans to begin mailing new cards to Medicare recipients in April 2018. All beneficiaries should receive the updated cards by April 2019. The 12-month period will also allow healthcare providers to prepare for the switch and make any necessary changes to their systems.

What is a social security number?

A social security number provides access to a multitude of personal information, which gives hackers and thieves the opportunity to commit crimes of identity theft. Old Medicare cards featured members’ social security numbers, allowing criminals easy access to this information when the cards were sent via mail or presented at places like physicians’ offices, pharmacies or other provider agencies.

What is ESRD in Medicare?

Railroad Retirement Board benefits. Have been diagnosed with end-stage renal disease (ESRD) The majority of people qualify for Part A of Medicare automatically (from working and paying into Social Security). Part B coverage requires you pay a premium for each month’s coverage and has optional plans available.

How to get a new Medicare card?

Medicare has posted information about the new cards. You should know: 1 There is no fee for the new card; it will be mailed to you automatically as long as your address is up to date. 2 Medicare will never call you uninvited to request personal or private information in order for you to get your new Medicare number and card. 3 If someone asks you for your information, for money, or threatens to cancel your health benefits if you don't share your personal information, hang up and call 1-800-MEDICARE (1-800-633-4227). For more information visit

When will Medicare start sending new cards?

In April, Medicare began sending its members new cards with unique eleven-digit account numbers, ending the previous reliance on SSA numbers. The transition to new cards and numbers is ongoing and is scheduled to be completed in December of 2019.

Can Medicare scammers steal your money?

Medicare scammers may use different angles in attempts to steal your money or your identity: Some callers may request payment for the new Medicare card, according to a Detroit Free Press article. Others may pose as medical insurers and threaten to cancel your insurance if you don't share information from the new card.

What do scammers want from Medicare?

What the scammers really want, of course, is to get personal or financial information for the purposes of identity theft or outright theft. To thwart a Medicare card scam, follow some basic precautions.

Can you share your Social Security number?

Don’t share your Medicare or Social Security number (or other personal information) with anyone who contacts you out of the blue by phone, text or email or shows up unannounced at your door.

What to do if my Medicare card doesn't work?

If that doesn’t work, call the Medicare hotline at 800-633-4227. Officials there can tell you whether there might be a problem, such as a wrong mailing address. In the meantime, you can continue to use your old Medicare card.

Where are Medicare cards now?

Cards are now in the mail to beneficiaries in Alaska, American Samoa, Arkansas, California, Guam, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, Northern Mariana Islands, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Dakota and Wisconsin. New Medicare members will receive the new version of the card as soon as they sign up, ...

What is Medicare ID?

The new Medicare ID has been redesigned to prevent fraud and includes an 11-character, randomly assigned identifier, instead of a Social Security number. If you live in the first group of states whose new Medicare cards have been mailed, but you haven’t received yours, federal officials offer instructions you can follow to track down your card.

What is the identifier for Social Security?

The ID, which has been redesigned to prevent fraud, is still red, white and blue, but instead of a Social Security number, the identifier is an 11-character, randomly assigned number that has no connection to an enrollee’s personal information.

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