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married to a man on medicare, how does that affect my insurance

by Hertha Moore Published 2 years ago Updated 1 year ago

Being in a marriage of any kind won’t affect which type of Medicare you enroll in — Original Medicare (Parts A and B) and Medicare Advantage only offer individual plans. That means you and your spouse can’t enroll in a family plan together. But marriage impacts each of your plans when it comes to cost and timing.

The good news about marriage and Medicare is that your coverage won't change. Neither will your spouse's. Whether you're already married, thinking about getting married, or no longer married, here's what you need to know.Nov 17, 2020

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Does getting married affect my Medicare coverage?

The good news about marriage and Medicare is that your coverage won't change. Neither will your spouse's. Whether you're already married, thinking about getting married, or no longer married, here's what you need to know. You and your spouse's Medicare coverage might not start at the same time.

What happens to my health insurance when I get married?

If you have been covered under your parent’s health insurance plan, you might want to keep that coverage after you are married. Under federal law, young adults may keep their coverage under their parent’s plan until they turn 26 years old. This is the case even if you get married before the age of 26.

How does Medicare pay for my spouse's health insurance?

For Medicare Part B, outpatient medical coverage, your premium is based on how much you and your spouse earn together. The more you make each year, the more you'll pay each month for Medicare. For Part C (Medicare Advantage), you and your spouse will have your own premium, deductible, and copays. This is true even if you have the same plan.

Will My Medicare coverage start at the same time as my spouse's?

Neither will your spouse's. Whether you're already married, thinking about getting married, or no longer married, here's what you need to know. You and your spouse's Medicare coverage might not start at the same time. Medicare is an individual plan (there is no family plan).

How does Medicare work for married couples?

Medicare has no family plans, meaning that you and your spouse must enroll for Medicare benefits separately. This also means husbands, wives, spouses and partners pay separate Medicare premiums.

Does marriage affect Medicare eligibility?

No, getting married does not affect your eligibility for Medicare or Social Security benefits. Any person who has paid into the Medicare system as part of their employment for the equivalent of 40 credits, or about 10 years, of work is eligible to receive full Medicare benefits at the age of 65.

Can I get Obama care if my husband in on Medicare?

Can I enroll in Medicare as his spouse? No. Although your husband now qualifies for Medicare, you will not qualify for Medicare until you turn 65. If you do not have health insurance now, you can consider signing up for health insurance coverage through a Marketplace plan.

Does my spouse income affect my Medicare premiums?

How does having a spouse affect how much I pay for Medicare? A couple's income is considered jointly in determining the amount of your premium for Parts B and D. Although most people pay the standard premiums for Part B and Part D every month, if your income is above a certain amount, you may pay more.

Why is my Medicare premium higher than my husbands?

If you file your taxes as “married, filing jointly” and your MAGI is greater than $170,000, you'll pay higher premiums for your Part B and Medicare prescription drug coverage. If you file your taxes using a different status, and your MAGI is greater than $85,000, you'll pay higher premiums.

Can my spouse get Medicare if I am 65?

Traditional Medicare includes Part A (hospital insurance) and Part B (medical insurance). To qualify for Medicare, your spouse must be age 65 or older. If your spouse is age 62 (or any age under 65), he or she could only qualify for Medicare by disability.

What happens to my wife when I go on Medicare?

Medicare will only cover you, not your spouse or children if they are not eligible on their own. This is where problems begin, especially when a working spouse is older than a non-working spouse. Say the working spouse turns 65, retires, and claims Medicare.

Can one spouse be on Medicare and the other not?

But when a person asks “Can my non-working spouse get Medicare?” they really are asking “Can my spouse be on my Medicare plan?” The answer is no. Medicare is individual insurance, so spouses cannot be on the same Medicare plan together.

Will I lose Medicare if I get married?

The good news about marriage and Medicare is that your coverage won't change. Neither will your spouse's. Whether you're already married, thinking about getting married, or no longer married, here's what you need to know.

How can I reduce my Medicare premiums?

To request a reduction of your Medicare premium, contact your local Social Security office to schedule an appointment or fill out form SSA-44 and submit it to the office by mail or in person.

What income is used to determine Medicare premiums?

modified adjusted gross incomeMedicare uses the modified adjusted gross income reported on your IRS tax return from 2 years ago. This is the most recent tax return information provided to Social Security by the IRS.

How much does Social Security take out for Medicare each month?

The standard Medicare Part B premium for medical insurance in 2021 is $148.50. Some people who collect Social Security benefits and have their Part B premiums deducted from their payment will pay less.

How Does Being Married Affect Medicare Costs?

Being married means you and your spouse’s joint income and work histories will be considered in some circumstances. Usually, they’re used to determ...

How Does Being Married Affect Medicare Enrollment?

Being married also may affect how you enroll in Medicare. While each beneficiary will enroll when they turn 65, in some instances, being married ma...

Does Medicare Recognize Same-Sex Married Couples?

Yes. In 2013, the Supreme Court repealed a vital portion of the Defense of Marriage Act, clearing the way for same-sex married couples to enjoy the...

Do domestic partners qualify for the same Special Enrollment Periods as married couples?

No. While many group health plans recognize domestic partnerships, Medicare does not. This often comes into play when one partner loses their job-b...

Does being in a same-sex marriage impact the kind of coverage we get?

No–just as with marriage rights, all Americans are afforded the same medical rights when it comes down to what their plan will cover. The Affordabl...

I’m divorced and my ex-spouse worked. Can I still qualify for no-cost Part A?

If you were married to your spouse for at least 10 years and they qualify for Medicare, you may be able to receive a $0 Part A premium. You must be...

How long does it take to sign up for Medicare?

It is true that there is an eight-month window to sign up for Medicare after someone who is at least 65 has lost access to his company’s group health insurance. And neither severance coverage nor being on COBRA health insurance qualifies as employer group insurance.

Do same sex spouses need Medicare?

Same-sex spouses in California and most other states now get to wade through Medicare’s regulatory swamp, too! Seriously, you may not even need Medicare right now, and contrary to folklore, it is perfectly legal to leave the program if you become newly entitled to employer group health insurance, either through new employer coverage ...

Is Medicare the primary or secondary payer?

Ask your husband to make sure his coverage is the first in line, or primary payer of your covered medical needs, and that Medicare would be the secondary payer. Only in employers with fewer than 20 employees is Medicare considered the primary payer and thus required even with the employer group plan.

Why do health insurance plans offer discounts?

These plans typically offer discounts because they cover more than one person. The most affordable option for a health insurance plan is usually one that is available through one spouse’s employer. However, with the federal, state, and private health insurance marketplaces, there are more health insurance options available to newlyweds who need ...

Can a married couple have separate health insurance?

Can married couples have separate health insurance? Spouses do not have to be on the same plan, which means that if you both have individual plans that you love, there is no reason to lose that coverage. However, you also have the option to be on the same plan, which may be a more economical choice for some couples.

Do couples have to have the same health insurance?

Under the current healthcare law, couples do not have to choose a family plan or the same individual health insurance plan. In some cases, separate policies may be the best option, particularly if you can each enroll in a health plan through your employers.

Can I buy health insurance from my spouse's employer?

Can I buy a policy on the Marketplace if my spouse has access to an employer-sponsored plan? You are not obligated to buy family health insurance from your spouse’s employer. In some cases, a family health insurance plan can be more expensive than a similar plan chosen through a private, state, or federal marketplace.

How long do you have to pick a new insurance plan after losing your spouse's insurance?

Losing the coverage you had under your spouse's plan will make you eligible for a time-limited special enrollment period in the individual insurance market, on- or off-exchange (note that in this case, you have 60 days before the loss of coverage, and 60 days after the loss of coverage, during which you can pick a new plan).

How long does it take to get Medicare if you don't have Cobra?

If you’re not going to be eligible for Medicare yourself within 18 months (or up to 36 months, depending on the circumstances), you’ll have to come up with another plan for coverage when your COBRA continuation coverage runs out.

Is Medicaid a separate program from Medicare?

It’s easy to confuse Medicaid and Medicare, but they're separate programs with different benefits and different eligibility criteria. In many states, low-income people making up to 138% of federal poverty level are eligible for Medicaid.

Can I get medicaid if my income is low?

If your income is low enough, you may be eligible for government-provided health insurance through Medicaid. In some states, the Medicaid program goes by another name like SoonerCare in Oklahoma or Medi-Cal in California. It’s easy to confuse Medicaid and Medicare, but they're separate programs with different benefits and different eligibility criteria.

How long do you have to be married to get Medicare?

If you were married to your spouse for at least 10 years and they qualify for Medicare, you may be able to receive a $0 Part A premium. You must be unmarried and have a shorter work history than your former spouse to qualify.

How much is Part B insurance in 2021?

All part B premiums start at the same amount for every individual. In 2021, it’s $148.50 per month. That monthly payment amount can increase depending on your income. This rate increase is called an Income-Related Monthly Adjustment Amount (IRMAA). The higher your income, the greater the IRMAA you will need to pay for your Part B premium.

What is Medicare Part B?

Married couples’ joint incomes and work histories help determine how much they pay for Part B#N#Medicare Part B is the portion of Medicare that covers your medical expenses. Sometimes called "medical insurance," Part B helps pay for the Medicare-approved services you receive.#N#premiums#N#A premium is a fee you pay to your insurance company for a health plan coverage. This is usually a monthly cost.#N#. Medicare Part A#N#Medicare Part A, also called "hospital insurance," covers the care you receive while admitted to the hospital, skilled nursing facility, or other inpatient services. Medicare Part A is one of the pain parts of Original Medicare.#N#is provided at no cost for eligible enrollees.

How old do you have to be to get Medicare?

In a case such as this, you must be at least 62 years old.

How long do you have to work to qualify for Medicare?

In the United States, as soon as you turn 65 you are eligible for Medicare benefits if you are citizen or have been a legal resident for five years or more and have worked for at least 40 quarters (10 years) paying federal taxes.

Can you get Medicare at different ages?

If you and your spouse are different ages, you will likely become eligible at different times. Primary Medicare recipients and their non-insured spouses are entitled to the same benefits under Medicare if both have reached the age of 65.

Do you have to enroll in Medicare Part B or D?

If you wish to sign up for Medicare Part B (Medical Insurance), and/or Part D (prescription drug insurance), you must enroll separately during your initial enrollment period, Open Enrollment or during Special Enrollment Period to avoid paying late enrollment penalties.

Can Spouses Share The Same Medicare Supplement Policy

by Christian Worstell | Published December 16, 2020 | Reviewed by John Krahnert

B Premium Can Be Limited By Social Security Cola But That Wasnt An Issue For Most Beneficiaries In 2020 Or 2021

In 2021, most enrollees pay $148.50/month for their Part B coverage, which is the standard amount. Most enrollees were also paying the standard amount in 2020 and in 2019 . But thats in contrast with 2017 and 2018, when most enrollees paid a premium that was lower than the standard premium.

What If The Working Spouse Is Not Yet 65 Years Old

A non-working spouse can receive premium-free Medicare part A as long as the other partner is at least 62 years old and has satisfied Medicares work requirements.

Higher Premiums For Enrollees With High

Since 2007, people who earn more than $85,000 have paid higher Part B premiums based on their income.

B Deductible Also Increased For 2021

Medicare B also has a deductible, which increased to $203 in 2021, up from $198 in 2020. After the deductible is met, the enrollee is generally responsible for 20% of the Medicare-approved cost for Part B services. But supplemental coverage often covers these coinsurance charges.

If My Wife And I File A Joint Tax Return Will We Both Be Required To Pay Higher Premiums For Medicare

Both my wife and I collect Social Security. I am still working full time and I earn military retirement pay. My wife works 1 day per week and has very low income. I am 67 and already on Medicare. My wife will turn 65 in may 2020.

Employers Often Bear Costs

But many employers do pay the lion’s share of the cost to add family members, even though they’re not required to do so. In 2020, the average total premiums for family coverage under employer-sponsored plans was $21,342, and employers paid an average of nearly 74% of that total cost.

Enrolling in Medicare at 65

If you want to enroll when you are turning 65, you can enroll in Medicare Parts A & B, Part D prescription drug coverage or a Medicare Advantage (Part C) plan. You can also look at adding a Medicare supplement insurance plan to Original Medicare (Parts A & B) to help with the out-of-pocket costs of Medicare.

Enrolling in Medicare Part A at 65

Many people who are covered by a spouse’s employer plan choose to either wait to enroll until they lose their spouse’s employer coverage or choose to only enroll in Part A since Part A usually has no premium.

Delaying Medicare Enrollment

Just because you are turning 65, doesn’t necessarily mean you have to get Medicare right now. If you decide that waiting to enroll in Medicare is the best option both financially and in terms of healthcare coverage for you, just follow Medicare’s rules, and you’ll avoid enrollment penalties when you do enroll.

When Would I Enroll If I Delay or Only Take Part A?

If you are able to delay enrolling in either all or part of Medicare, you will have a Special Enrollment Period of eight months that begins when the employer coverage is lost or when your spouse retires. During this time, you’ll be able to enroll in Medicare Parts A & B. You can also enroll in a Part D prescription drug plan.

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What happens if your spouse receives more than your spousal benefit?

If the spousal benefit is higher, he or she receives an additional amount to equal the spouse benefit amount. If your spouse does not qualify for an individual benefit, he or she may receive the spouse benefit amount of 50 percent of your benefits, if they are at full retirement age.

What is the spousal benefit for a person who has not reached retirement age?

If you decide to opt for the spousal benefit but have not yet reached full retirement age yourself, that benefit will be less than 50 percent. This may still be a good option if you have not been working much through the years.

When does my spouse get my spousal benefits?

If your spouse is caring for your child who is younger than 16, your spouse may receive the full amount of spousal benefit at any age, and until the child turns 16. If your spouse receives a spouse’s benefit based on your work record, your retirement benefits are not reduced, you receive the full amount of your benefit.

When does a widow receive Social Security?

A widow or widower who has reached full retirement age, and whose spouse did not receive Social Security benefits until 70 years old, receives the full benefit amount of the deceased spouse.

Does Social Security pay your spouse first?

Social Security pays your benefits first, but if the benefits you would receive through your spouse are higher than yours, you can receive a combination of these benefits to reach the amount you would receive as a spouse.

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